A couple of weeks ago we had the Wycliffe UK annual conference, with staff from the UK and some from further afield coming together to be encouraged and challenged about the work we do.

There were various people sharing about their work from different parts of the world, and I was impressed by the variety of things that God is doing through the work of Bible translation. It’s exciting for me to see the innovation that is happening in different places, as people of diverse cultures and backgrounds work in partnership to see God’s word changing the lives of individuals and communities.

In our discussion groups, it was also encouraging to learn from staff with over a hundred years of experience between them, but still a humility and openness to try new things and join in with the new ways that God is working.

After that we had Laura’s cousin here for ten days, which was a lot of fun! As well as having a good time with her, we also had an excuse to do all the touristy things that you don’t normally do when you’re living in a place! Here are a few photos…

Laura and Kristen, with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background

A nice artistic view of St Paul’s, from Laura

We found a Tanzanian flag in London!

The Houses of Parliament from the London Eye

And Tower Bridge from the ground

We thought we should go to Oxford for a day… Cambridge is infinitely better though…!

We went to Lacock, and found that the BBC were filming the next series of Cranford…

…to be aired at Christmas, hence the June snow!

Bath on a beautiful sunny day

And the even older Stonehenge

If you’d like to see some more of our photos from when Kristen was here you can take a look at our picasaweb album.

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