This past weekend was the orientation course for our Wycliffe UK Engage summer teams. This year the teams will be going to Cambodia, Indonesia and Cameroon in July and August, to visit Bible translation projects and meet the communities involved in the projects.

Unfortunately a large cloud of volcanic ash meant that half of the participants were unable to make the weekend, but the other half seemed to have a good time. It was fun to get to know them a bit, and exciting to think that they’ll be travelling to the other side of the world to see how God is working in completely different cultures!

We won’t be part of any of the teams this year as we have quite a busy summer and are preparing to move to the US, but next month I’m hoping (volcanic ash permitting) to go to Zambia for a couple of weeks to teach a language survey workshop to staff from a partner organisation there, to help them as they prepare to reach out to some of the many Bible-less groups around them.

Before that we have a busy few weeks though – this coming weekend we’ll be heading to Scotland for the first time ever! We’ll be speaking at the Wycliffe Scotland conference, which we’re looking forward to – it’ll be a good chance to meet many of the Scottish Wycliffe members, to learn from them, and to share with them something of what we’ve been learning lately.

Please pray for us – for safe travel to and from the conference (6 hours each way by car, which is a long way in the UK…!) and for wisdom in knowing what to share. I’d also appreciate prayer as I try to fit in all my normal work as well as preparing for this and a couple of other events coming up in the next few weeks. Thanks!

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