Change is in the air… After 3 and a half years in England where we have been living and working with Wycliffe Bible Translators UK, it’s almost time for us to move on. We’ll still be very much working with Wycliffe, but moving to a new continent and starting new jobs!

Originally our plan after getting married in 2007 was to stay in the UK for a year before heading back to Tanzania, where I was before we were married. Mostly for visa and residency reasons for Laura, that year turned to two… three… and a bit… but now Laura has her British passport and we are free to leave the UK knowing that she doesn’t ever need a visa to return!

Instead of heading straight to Tanzania, we decided for several reasons that we should spend some time in the US with Laura’s family first. One of our aims whilst there will be to share with individuals and churches the things that God has put on our hearts, in the hope that they will join with us and support us in prayer and financially over the coming years.

At the same time we will both be studying, for the first time in a while! Laura will be taking a course in Psychology and Family Studies from Corban University in Oregon, which she hopes will give her a good background as she desires to help and support people in Tanzania who are working cross-culturally.

I’ll be working towards an MA in Bible and Mission from Redcliffe College in the UK, as well as working part-time for the Uganda-Tanzania branch of one of Wycliffe’s partner organisations, SIL International.

We’ll be starting our new jobs in August, at first based here in the UK, and hopefully moving to Oregon sometime in the autumn. At the moment we are waiting for Mark’s US visa which is still being processed, but we’re praying that that will be completed in the next few months so that we can fly to the States.

We’d really appreciate your prayers as we transition into this new stage – for all the practicalities like the visa, moving house, finances, and also that we would enjoy and do well in our new jobs and studying.

Our hope is still very much to move to Tanzania in the future, possibly sometime in 2012, to be involved in a new translation project with several language communities in the west of the country. If you’d like to find out more about what God is doing through Bible translation in Uganda and Tanzania at the moment, take a look at

We’d also love for you to consider how you can also play a small but crucial part in translating Scripture into some of the 2,300 languages that don’t have any of the Bible. If you would like to support us in any way, do take a look at how you can do that.

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