It’s exciting for us to see people in Tanzania hearing the Bible in their language for the first time, so we were eager to read recently of the dedication of seven new Scripture books in the Burunge language of Dodoma Region. The Burunge live to the north of Dodoma town, where I was based from 2004-05, and speak a language that is not even vaguely related to Swahili.

Pastor Doe preached a message from 1 Timothy in Burunge.  It was obvious that he had the crowd’s complete attention.  One older man sat listening with tears rolling down his cheeks.  Pastor Doe clearly explained the Gospel and told of God’s great love for all people.  The sermon was also translated into Swahili for non-Burunge speakers.To close the event, portions of the new books were read aloud by members of the community.  It was such a blessing for our literacy workers to hear people reading new portions of Scripture in Burunge. All the church leaders then gathered together, prayed over the books, and dedicated them to Lord. After the dedication, people were able to purchase their own copies from a book table.

Praise the Lord for a fantastic celebration and an opportunity to thank our Lord for His work among the Burunge people!  Pray that the Lord would use these Scriptures mightily to strengthen Burunge Christians.  Pray also that, in turn, they would boldly proclaim what God has done in their lives so others would come to know Him. Read More

Burunge men look at their copy of The Acts of the Apostles

I attended the dedication of the book of Ruth back in November 2005, which was the first book ever to be published in the Burunge language, so it’s exciting to see how the team are progressing. That book is now being revised, as part of ongoing translation work.

You can find out a bit more about the Bible translation work that is ongoing among the Burunge people, and amongst other groups in Tanzania and Uganda. Please also remember to pray for others in the two countries who don’t yet have access to the Bible, including those of Katavi Region who we are hoping to work alongside in the future!

  1. Lawrence Mathias Longo says:

    I am also a burunge native,I would like to advice you to add videos and audios so that we may download them also videos in youtube

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