The Seed Company, a partner organisation of Wycliffe, has posted an update on Stephen, a Bible translator with the Tarok language community in Nigeria. Stephen was kidnapped on December 16, and has had only very limited contact with his family since then.

StephenThank you all for praying for Stephen, our Nigerian colleague in Bible translation who was kidnapped on December 16. He is one of our key translation team members for the Tarok project. His captors allowed him to speak with his wife briefly via phone on two separate occasions, most recently on January 9. While this was encouraging, it has now been more than two weeks since the last contact was made. His situation remains extremely critical. Yet we remain hopeful and committed to pray for Stephen.Please intercede with urgency:

  • Ask God to protect and minister to Stephen while he’s being held.
  • Pray also for his family and the Tarok translation team.
  • Pray for Stephen’s immediate release and reunion with his family.
  • Ask God to use Stephen’s witness to bring his captors to repentance and salvation. (See Acts 16:25-34)

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