Apples from mi madre.  Don’t know what kind they are, but looked good for baking.  Decided that since it is officially autumn, we could use some festive, warm apple inside us!  This is a really (I mean really) simple thing to make – anyone could do it!  Except maybe leave the cutting part to adults (och, that reminds me of an almost horrible kids-with-knife-babysitting-experience I had a looong time ago…shiver…).

Be careful with knives.

They’re sharp and pointy.

Safety first!

Ok I think we can continue…

Just take two apples – like these two little buddies below:


Chop off the top of them, removing the stem, and a little of the top of the apple.  Then, CAREFULLY, use the knife (a small one) to core out the center of the apple.  I like to do it with a knife so that I can retain the bottom of the apple as a base.  I think you could use a corer – but don’t know how well you’ll be able to contain the goodies…  Try it and see!

Cored apple

Next, fill the holes up with something yummy!  I like walnuts and honey…so that’s what I use.  Other ideas might be, raisins, brown sugar and butter.  Berries, nuts and syrup.  Cooked, chopped bacon and cheese to melt and brown over the top (yum!).  Caramelized pork and onions.  Even sautéed carrots, cabbage, sunflower seeds and raisins.  Be creative!Walnuts in the apple

Honey on appleBake in the oven at 350F for about 15 minutes or until soft but not mush.

Baked apple
Et voila!  Yummy, fairly healthy little cups of warmth and scrumptiousness.

Happy Autumn!

  1. Mayeki says:

    I’m a fail cook, trust me. I burn things in the microwave (even when following instructions). I’m glad i found this. It looks delicious and is incredibly simple. I’ll try it out sometime and hopefully not burn it. XD

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