A couple weeks ago Mark and I were out for our usual walk around the park when, on our way down the street across from us, we met a delightful woman.  We’ll call her Renata.  She was ever-so bubbly, chatting on and on about her love of walking and her late husband’s ‘stupid’ refusal to ever get out walking with her.  He said his Renata was a ‘radical’ for going round the park track everyday, and wouldn’t go with her, no matter how many times she asked, what the doctor says, or how close she put his walking shoes next to his lounger.

Looking over fence

We also learned that she is a Jehovah’s Witness and knows all of the streets around her because of her call to drop in on those in her territory.  Through the course of our discussion, she discovered that we also like to study the Bible (especially Mark) and was eager to talk about our shared passion.

When we were finished talking, we walked away very happy and glad that we’d met our neighbor who was cheerful and shared a couple interests with us: walking at the park and the Bible.

A week passed and we kept thinking how we must go for a walk soon and see if we bump into our dear, talkative friend…  But we discovered that she’d beat us to the punch.  Because low and behold, a dear couple (or maybe just friends) knocked on our door.  They said they’d heard we had made friends with Renata – also a friend of theirs – and wondered if they might come in and chat for a while about the Bible.

Being the indecisive pair that we are, we simply blinked at the two on our doorstep, blinked at each other and hemmed and hawed.

Finally (oh the awkwardness!)…the little lady offered us a pamphlet and said she’d pop by in a week or so to see if we had any questions about what we’d read.  Whew!

Flash forward to today…

I was just getting up from the sofa to go take a shower when passing by the window I saw two little ladies on their way to our front door…  One I recognized as the one from a week ago.  My how weeks fly!  I hadn’t read any of the pamphlet – Mark had (of course!) and was now out…leaving me to talk about the Lighthouse pamphlet.  By myself.

I took a second to figure out how I could manage to slip into the bathroom and start the shower, conveniently drowning out the sound of the knock on the door.  Then half a second later I knew I had already shown my face through the window and probably couldn’t get away with that one this time…

So, I opened the door at the knock and fixed a smile on my face to show that I hadn’t just been thinking about ditching the poor gals.  They both smiled warmly and asked how I was doing.  The lady from the week before remembered my name – which I was impressed with.  She then asked me the question I dreaded…

‘Do you have any questions after reading the information I left with you last week?’ she smiled expectantly.

‘Er, I wasn’t able to read the pamphlet yet, although my husband has… but he’s out at the moment…’  GULP.

Thankfully she had an alternate route for these types of situations and asked if she might just ask a few other questions while they were there.  I said SURE – thankful for the foresight on her part, and that I didn’t get a ‘D’ on my meeting with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In the end she asked me to open to Psalm 37:10-11 in the Bible and she discussed how there is a hope for the earth.  I could easily agree with that…and we shared a couple like-minded thoughts.  By the end she was laughing about Tsetse flies and mosquito nets and reminding me to get my shots before we go in January.  So, overall – I think it went fairly well.

I came away asking myself in the end, why is she coming to my door?  She knows that I know Renata and can talk to her anytime I want about the Bible…  And then I remembered back to our conversation with Renata about her walks and how she knew everyone in her ‘territory’ – but that we weren’t a part of it because we’re across the road from her.

So there we go…  We were in the wrong territory for Renata to approach us and perhaps because we hadn’t walked by for a week…well…she must have called over to her friends in the next territory to help her out.  In the end we’ve made three other friends because of the territory boundaries…not bad!

So, now I am planning which friends we can send to her door to return the favor…  any volunteers?

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