This year Easter is different for us. For one, it may be the first Easter I’ve cooked (by myself). We decided to have our main Easter meal on Saturday because we knew we’d be busy on Sunday. In this part of Tanzania the main meats are cow, goat and chicken – and I opted for beef seeing as I’ve not yet had the chance to prepare goat, and I don’t have a chicken handy to slaughter… Because the meat here is often tough, I have been marinating cubes of beef in apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. After doing that for a few hours I brown the meat and add it to a covered casserol with peeled potatoes, carrots and a couple quartered onions. Spiced with rosemary and salt, after a couple hours in the oven, it was ready to eat. Still getting used to our oven here, and next time I will be sure to add a little more liquid as it was a tiny bit dry. It was good overall, and we had leftovers for Easter, which is just what I wanted!

Roast beef dinner

Our Easter meal of roasted beef, potatoes, carrots and and onion seasoned with rosemary and salt.

This morning I made popovers, or Yorkshire Puddings – whichever you like to call them, and the cats were so excited about the smell they hovered by the stove the whole time it was baking. Duma (the black and white boy) fell asleep on the stove keeping warm and enjoying the sweet air wafting his way. Yes, he was trying to keep warm as the weather has turned a bit cooler since the rains are almost over. I heat my socks by the stove no for those evenings that I get chilled by the bucket shower.

Popover tin

Duma and Nyalu

Duma and Nyalu anticipating the popovers and creeping as close as they can to the wonderful smell coming from the oven.


A yummy breakfast of jam filled popovers.

Mark was asked to preach at the church we attended a couple weeks ago for the Sunday service. He was asked to preach for an hour and he just went over at one hour and ten minutes. All in Swahili! People at church prepared food and were very glad to be hospitable. We didn’t need tea for quite some time afterward. I was able to make Challah bread and pineapple and banana sorbet in the afternoon which were just right as a light meal.

Challah bread

Braiding the Challah dough before the last rise.


Hot challah

(Inspiration and recipes for the popovers and the challah bread came from a blog I’ve recently discovered and am enjoying, Wayward Spark.)

We’ve had a very good Easter weekend, filled with good food, chats with family and remembering Jesus who came, lived among us and ultimately reconciled us to God.

Happy Easter!


Nyalu waiting patiently for her share.

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