Recently we transitioned from life in Mpanda, Tanzania, to Oregon in the USA where we’ll be for the next few months. Below are ten things that I’m really enjoying about life in America. Once you’ve browsed through these, you might like to take a look at the ten things that I’m missing about our life in Tanzania

Ten things I love about America (or more specifically, our life in Salem, Oregon):

  1. Drinking water and brushing my teeth straight from the tap. Quite an incredible concept.
  2. The roads are so wide. Even the smallest residential road is wider than the cross-country highways through Tanzania.
  3. Second-hand things are so cheap. We love thrift stores and garage sales, where things are often sold at just 5-30% of their original value, compared to Tanzania where second-hand goods are much in demand, and often cost 70-90% of the original price.
  4. Carpets. So warm and squishy between your toes.
  5. Netflix and Pandora. And fast internet to watch any youtube video without waiting for it to load.
  6. Mount JeffersonQuiet. Even in towns everything seems so quiet once you’re away from busy roads. I have to say I don’t miss the loud bongo flava music the guys at the end of our road in Mpanda play 12 hours a day…
  7. Not always being conscious of the level of the water filter, and remembering to fill it up several hours before we need more water to drink or cook with. Also, being able to unplug the laptop, knowing that whenever I plug it back in there will always be electricity to recharge the battery.
  8. Buying chicken, not a chicken. Being able to cook it (or rather Laura cook it…) without killing, plucking and cleaning it first.
  9. Running for exercise, without looking (too) weird and attracting even more stares than normal. Also, Oregon has some incredible scenery with beautiful hikes…
  10. Going to sleep each night without a mosquito net, and not having to use my one-hand-slapping-my-ear technique to catch the mosquito that got inside the net and is mocking me as it flies around my head, just waiting to land and suck my blood.

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