Recently we transitioned from life in Mpanda, Tanzania, to Oregon in the USA where we’ll be for the next few months. Below are ten things that I’m already missing about Tanzania. Once you’ve browsed through these, you might like to take a look at the ten things that I’m enjoying about America

Ten things I miss about Tanzania… (or more specifically, our time living in Mpanda in western Tanzania):

  1. People are so helpful. Actually in my experience many Americans are extremely helpful too, but inter-dependence is such a part of Tanzanian culture that people are always available to help you when you need something. If they can’t help you they will find their brother / sister / friend / friend of a friend who can.
  2. There are so many possibilities to help others out when they need something. Whether it’s a loan to start building a house, or school fees to improve a child’s education, or an internet search to give information on a medical condition, there are often many opportunities to help out friends and make a significant difference in their lives.
  3. Babu and BibiCheap public transport. In fact, considering the fact that roads can be bumpy and buses have often traveled many hundreds of thousands of miles, the public transport system in Tanzania is remarkably reliable as well as being easy on the budget.
  4. Life is generally relaxed, particularly with regard to time. No one is ever worried about being 5 minutes late, or working out exactly how many minutes it will take to get from A to B in order to get there on time.
  5. Avocados as big as your hand. Yum.
  6. Mangoes and passion fruit straight from the garden.
  7. The weather. It’s funny that in America (and more so in England) people, myself included, spend half the day talking and thinking about the weather. Will it rain? When will it rain? How hard will it rain? How warm or cold will it be? What about tomorrow? Or the weekend? What will we do if we can’t do our barbecue / hike / cricket match because it’s raining? In Mpanda we just know that from June to October it will be warm and sunny, and from November to May it will be warm and sunny with the occasional downpour.
  8. Simple and cheap phone and internet. Our cell phone provider, Airtel, offers 1,100 minutes, 20,000 texts and 12GB of internet data for around $15 per month, with no contract and complete flexibility to change networks whenever a better deal becomes available. Not bad compared to both the US and the UK…
  9. Lions, elephants, hippos, leopards, giraffes and other amazing creatures.
  10. Going to our head office in Dar es Salaam, walking up the road and sitting on the beach with palm trees and a warm ocean breeze.

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