Although we are currently living in Oregon in the US, Laura is originally from California and still considers that to be her home in many ways. Recently we were excited to be able to spend a couple of weeks in California visiting friends, supporters and our supporting church in Petaluma.

We had an amazing time, and loved being able to catch up with friends who we hadn’t seen for a couple of years. Our time in Petaluma was also really encouraging, particularly as we spent an evening with the church home group that has committed to supporting us in prayer and practically in whatever ways they can. We were really glad to have the opportunity to spend time getting to know the group better, and felt humbled by their enthusiasm to support us and our work in whatever ways they can.

While on previous trips we covered the 2,000+ miles by car or plane, this time we decided to experience the west coast of the US via train which was a lot of fun! Although the journey was quite long (36 hours from Salem to southern California) it was very comfortable and relaxing, with a lot of leg room and the chance to walk around the train. Highlights were seeing dolphins leaping in the ocean around Santa Barbara, and waking up in the beautiful Siskiyou mountains on the trip back up.

At times the travelling that we do with our work can be tiring, but I have to say I also love seeing the cultural distinctives of the people and communities we spend time with in different parts of the world. For me it’s such a privilege to have close friends on three continents, whose lives are so different in many ways. Somehow I don’t feel that I have ever really experienced much culture shock moving between the various countries that we have lived in. I tend to feel more of a fascination and a wonder at how big the world is, and how much there is to learn from seeking to understand how people see the world.

Hollie and Laura

Laura with our friend Hollie in Petaluma

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