Every few weeks we send out newsletters or email updates. Our latest update from January 2018 is now available, with news of our travel to the US, strategy meetings in Tanzania, and looking ahead to the next few months. If you would like to sign up to receive these regularly, you can do so here.

As we look back over the last year and ahead to 2018, we are thankful for your support for us and for language communities throughout Tanzania and Uganda. As we visit the various offices and projects that we serve, we are always excited to see the progress that our colleagues are making, and the impact that their work is having throughout the communities.

Travel to the US

In September we flew to Oregon, where Mark participated in meetings about the role of linguistics throughout our organisation, and how to best make use of the linguistic resources that are available across the world. Linguistics is an important foundation for most translation projects, as communities work with linguists to devise an alphabet and writing system that is intuitive to read and write.

After this, we spent a couple of weeks visiting family, friends and supporters in Oregon and California. We really enjoyed this opportunity to catch up with people, and to share a bit about the work that is happening in Tanzania and Uganda.

Strategy Meetings

After returning to Tanzania in mid-October, we traveled to Mbeya and Mara to meet with the teams there. Laura was able to meet individually with all the international staff (a total of 37 people!), while Mark helped the teams think through their plans, budgets, and any HR issues that needed addressing.

At the end of November, we invited twenty staff in key positions across Uganda and Tanzania to participate in a week-long meeting in Dar es Salaam to think through our strategic priorities over the next five or so years. It was the first time in over five years that we had had the opportunity to have this kind of group together in the same location, so we appreciated having the chance to discuss various issues as a group.

Some of the strategic initiatives that we discussed were aimed at increasing the capacity of our staff to respond to the needs and requests of the communities, while others involved how we are structured as an organisation, and how we can best partner with churches, government agencies and other NGOs.

Relaxing on Lukuba Island in Lake Victoria

Relaxing on Lukuba Island in Lake Victoria

You can read the whole update for more information. Thank you for praying for us!

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