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Thank you for your prayers and support for us as we continue to serve language communities in Tanzania and Uganda. This morning we arrived back in Tanzania after six months mainly based in the UK. Here’s a quick update on the past few months, and what we are looking ahead to…

Travel to Tanzania and Thailand

In March Mark traveled again back to Tanzania, to meet with staff in the Dodoma and Mbeya offices. The purpose of this trip was to discuss plans and budgets for the next year or so. We’re grateful that the meetings generally went well, although Mark would appreciate continued prayer for wisdom as a lot of decisions still need to be made, particularly regarding the Dodoma plans, in the coming weeks.

Towards the end of this trip, Mark had the opportunity to attend the wedding of our good friend, Jackson, as he married Pendo in Dar es Salaam!

From there Mark traveled on to Thailand, where he participated in a week of meetings focused on Multilingualism, Urbanisation and Scripture Engagement. This was a time of thinking together with consultants and other experts from around the world, about how we can best serve churches and communities in a world where many people speak multiple languages, and there is significant migration towards cities. These are obviously big topics that we need to be reflecting on, as these themes continue to shape communities around the globe.

Working from a distance

In the UK we continued with our regular work from Tanzania – Mark managing the various language projects and Laura supporting our international colleagues – mainly via email and skype. We have been grateful for the ability to do this, and for the patience of our colleagues as we have not been able to meet with them face to face as much as we might normally do!

As well as working, we made the most of some beautiful weather, exploring the many country footpaths around where we were living!

Bangkok at night

Bangkok at night

You can read the whole update for more information. Thank you for praying for us!

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