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Thank you for your ongoing support for the work of Bible translation in Tanzania and Uganda. We are pleased to be able to update you on the progress of our work permits that we asked you to pray for in April, and other developments in the translation projects.

Work Permits

Last time we shared that we were waiting for our work permits to be renewed, as the government department responsible was planning to inspect our office before issuing more permits. The good news is that this inspection happened soon after we asked you to pray, and the permits, including both of ours, began to be issued again in mid-April.

However, the majority of the permits that have been issued have been stamped as “final grant”, meaning that as things stand, they will not be renewed again two years from now. Laura’s permit was one of those issued as final grant, while Mark’s was the only one that was not, out of a batch of around 12 permits. This means that, in theory, Mark should be able to apply for another 2-year permit from 2020, although Laura would not be allowed to continue working from that time.

As you can imagine, the uncertainty surrounding work permits is somewhat unsettling for our international staff, and also for our Tanzanian staff, as it leads to uncertainty as to the future of the various projects.

We are hoping that a group of bishops from around the country will be able to meet with the Minister of Labour to advocate for Bible translation, and for work permits for our organisation, possibly even this coming week. Please pray with us that this meeting would be able to happen, and that the Minister would be open to working with us to allow international staff to continue serving in Tanzania.

Translation projects in Tanzania

Translation projects in Tanzania

You can read the whole update for more information. Thank you for praying for us!

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