Every few weeks we send out newsletters or email updates. Our latest update from October 2018 is now available, with news of our international staff retreat, and various other travel that we have been doing. If you would like to sign up to receive these regularly, you can do so here.

We appreciate all that you do to support us as we serve language communities in Tanzania and Uganda. We have been grateful to see some answers to prayer over the past couple of months, and have some other updates to share too…

International Staff Retreat

At the end of June Laura helped to coordinate the annual retreat for our international staff in Dar es Salaam. This year we had three volunteers from our supporting church in Petaluma, California, come to help with childcare at the retreat, which we were very grateful for.

Laura was able to catch up with many people who she serves throughout Tanzania and Uganda, and to hear the kinds of challenges that they are facing in their work or in their personal lives as they serve in cross-cultural environments. As usual this was an encouraging and enjoyable time, but was also hard work for Laura.

International staff retreat

International staff retreat

UK Meetings

In mid-July Laura headed to the UK for a week of meetings with the global staff care team that she is part of. The team consists of people from around the world, and normally connects virtually, so it was helpful to be able to talk through some things face to face. The team continues to give leadership in supporting our organisation’s staff who are serving in diverse cross-cultural situations around the world.

Travel to Uganda, Mbeya, Dodoma and Musoma

While Laura was in the UK, Mark spent three days in Uganda meeting with our staff there, as they were putting together project proposals and budgets for several translation projects in language communities. He was also able to make a short trip to Mbeya (watching England’s World Cup quarter-final in a Kinga village, shivering at 7,400 feet altitude) with our Mission Pastor, Tom, who was visiting from the church in Petaluma. The Kinga are in the very final checks for the New Testament, which should be printed in the next couple of months, and hopefully dedicated in mid-2019!

Global Leaders Meetings

Global Leaders Meetings

You can read the whole update for more information. Thank you for praying for us!

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