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Greetings from Mbeya airport in Tanzania, where we are waiting to head back home to Dar es Salaam, after a couple of days meeting with the Mbeya team. There are many challenges and uncertainties as we look ahead, but it is a privilege to be working alongside a great team of people from around the world, and we have been reminded of that here in Mbeya this week.

We appreciate you being on this journey with us. Here are some reflections on the last few months, and things we would like continued prayer for…

Nyakyusa New Testament Launch

On May 11th we were privileged to be part of the launch of the Nyakyusa New Testament in the town of Kyela in southwest Tanzania. Together with the print New Testament, an audio version (online, on phones and SD cards) and a smartphone app were launched at the same time, and the JESUS Film is also available in Nyakyusa. The Nyakyusa are one of the larger communities we work with, numbering around 800,000, so we are hopeful that the work of the last 10-15 years will bear much fruit throughout the churches and community.

The day itself was rainy, and some people were prevented from attending because of flooding, but those who were able to come together enjoyed the singing and dancing, and the dedication of the books. There is a desire among the churches to continue translating the Old Testament, but we are hoping that this will mainly be driven by the community, with a more limited role for our staff.

You can read the whole update for more information. Thank you for praying for us!

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