Every few weeks we send out newsletters or email updates. Our latest update from January 2019 is now available, with news of our international staff retreat, and various other travel that we have been doing. If you would like to sign up to receive these regularly, you can do so here.

Thank you for being part of our work with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Tanzania! We are excited to update you on what has been happening, and also let you know about our furlough plans between now and April in the UK and the US.

New Testament Completions

We are excited that several New Testaments are very close to being completed! The Nyakyusa New Testament is currently on a ship, somewhere in the Indian Ocean, and eagerly anticipated by the Nyakyusa community! Kinga is about to be printed, and Vwanji is in the final stages of typesetting and checking. Meanwhile Malila, Sangu and Ndali should all be typeset and printed in the coming months.

Please pray with us for all these final steps, and that the books and digital materials would be well used by these communities. Please also pray for wisdom in knowing whether and how we might continue partnering with them on future work beyond the New Testament.

Work Permits

The work permit situation continues to be a challenge, but there have been encouraging signs recently. A number of permits have been approved quickly, and some that were previously denied have now been granted on appeal. However, the situation is still a challenge, with one key permit still in the appeal process, and several others in the application stage.

Although the situation seems to be improving, there is still a lot of uncertainty for our international staff, and many are finding this to be unsettling. This can be a factor in people deciding to leave, and it has also led to a major reduction in new recruits, with just a couple of new staff joining the branch from overseas over the past 18 months.

Please pray for continued good relationships with all levels of government officials, and for favour from them as they process applications.

You can read the whole update for more information. Thank you for praying for us!

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