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Greetings from Los Angeles airport, where I (Mark) have a few hours before my flight for a two-week trip to Tanzania. We are currently in the middle of a short furlough time in the UK and the US, and have appreciated the chance to be able to share some of what God is doing with many of you!

Katavi Team Progress

You may remember that we lived in Katavi Region in western Tanzania from 2012-2013, serving the Bende and Pimbwe communities there. Both communities now have full-time translators, and are progressing through translating parts of the New Testament, in addition to Ruth and Jonah which they have already finished. The book of Luke was the first New Testament book they translated, and they are also planning to record the JESUS Film in each language soon.

In addition to the Bende and Pimbwe, the Katavi team has been hard at work engaging with two new communities – the Ruwila and the Konongo. We don’t have the technical capacity to develop alphabets and initiate full written translations for these communities yet, but the Katavi team have worked alongside experts from overseas to help the Ruwila and Konongo take the first steps in oral translation. This means that the participants hear the Scripture portion in Swahili, and draft and check it orally in their language, using special software that doesn’t require the translation to be written.

Please pray for strength and wisdom for the Katavi team, for the volunteers from the language communities, and for outside experts who are guiding the process.

Time in the UK and the US

We enjoyed our three weeks in the UK in January, although unfortunately it wasn’t possible to visit everyone we would have liked to see. We appreciated the snow too, as we hadn’t experienced snow for over five years!

You can read the whole update for more information. Thank you for praying for us!

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