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We hope that you are healthy and safe, wherever you are. We are doing well in west Wales, and excited to be able to connect you with the work in Tanzania, that we continue to support day by day. While the past few months have obviously been unusual and had unique challenges, we are grateful that the work of Bible translation continues to move forward, and that we are able to keep in touch with our colleagues in Tanzania and around the world via the internet each day.

Working Remotely
We had already been working remotely from the UK since early this year, so we have continued doing this with the COVID-19 restrictions in place. Mark is able to communicate regularly with our colleagues in the five Tanzania offices and others in different countries around the world, which generally works well. The main challenge is that at present it is not easy to make trips to Tanzania every two or three months as he had planned, due to the difficulties of international travel, quarantines, etc.

From March to May we were looking for a place to live in the UK that would work as a remote base from where we could work, and that wouldn’t be too expensive. We’re happy to say that we have found a place that we love, in west Wales! It is somewhat remote, but 6 hours to Heathrow airport (or 3 hours to Cardiff or Manchester) doesn’t seem like much compared to the distances we have become used to in Tanzania and the US, and is definitely worth it for the incredible beauty of the countryside!

We have felt very welcomed by the community so far (despite the COVID-19 restrictions), and are feeling very refreshed after several years of living in a big noisy city. Mae Mark yn mwynhau dysgu ychydig o Gymraeg hefyd! (Mark is enjoying learning a little Welsh too!)

Rainbow over the valley

You can read the whole update for more information. Thank you for praying for us!

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